Why You Should Consider Making Vertical Gardens for Children

Why You Should Consider Making Vertical Gardens for Children

More and more people are looking into making vertical gardens, mainly because we are simply running out of space. Our homes do seem to get larger, but this is to the detriment of our outdoor space. Unfortunately, this means that many children don’t get to know about the delights of gardening anymore either.

A Disconnection

Once upon a time, a garden would be a fantastic place to play and everybody would have one. Now, however, this space isn’t available anymore and this is leading to a disconnection between children and nature, which could have disastrous consequences. They no longer understand that they have to work with Mother Nature in order to provide for themselves, and this means they don’t understand what they eat, where food comes from and why that is important for their health.

Vertical Gardening

This can all be changed, however, by looking into vertical gardening. Only limited amounts of space are necessary for this, but they allow kids to have the gardening experience that they would have if they were to have a huge 10 acre garden instead. This type of gardening is soil based, which means that kids do get the authentic experience, having to work with plant seeds, trowels and more.

Benefits of Vertical Gardening for Children

There are a number of benefits of using vertical gardening. This includes:

• The plants grow really quickly.

• You can pick plants with beautiful, bright colours, which will entice the children.

• You can grow plants that are edible.

• You can go for plants with really quirky foliage.

• The plants are often very hardy, which means the kids won’t end up accidentally killing them and losing interest.

• You can use plants that grow quite wildly, so that kids can trim them and learn about more gardening skills.

Try to choose some plants that grow quickly and that look really good. Go for something your kids are likely to enjoy as well, like strawberries. Strawberries spread really easily, which will teach your kids a lot of interesting things about pollination and how to control gardens as well. Best of all, they can eat all the strawberries they want at the same time. Furthermore, strawberries have everything a cool plant should have. Interesting foliage, funny little white flowers, edible fruits and bizarre shoots where new plants start as if by magic. It is the perfect plant for a vertical garden and any child.

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