The Different Methods Used with Cultivated Plants to Help Ensure they Survive

The Different Methods Used with Cultivated Plants to Help Ensure they Survive

Gardening is a fantastic hobby, but you will never get to gardeners that do everything the same way. This is also because there are so many different plants and herbs to choose from and most of these can deal with a range of different methods of growing and planting. Things to consider, for instance, are the type of soil, the amount of water and light and what sort of temperatures there are. Let’s take a look at some of the most common methods used with cultivated plants and making sure they survive and thrive.

Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is very common. Anybody with a houseplant is engaging in indoor gardening. Some take this further, by bringing their outdoor plants in during the winter for instance. Indoor plants are generally grown in pots.


Hydroponics is getting a lot of attention lately. It uses growing mediums that are different from soil and they are fed continuously. Most commonly, they are grown in tanks with a specific sediment at the bottom, where fish are also kept. This creates a lifecycle between the plants and the fish. Alternatively, aeroponics use no soil either. Instead, plants are suspended by their roots, which are sprayed regularly.

Cold Frames or Greenhouses

With these types of cultivation, you are basically bringing the outdoor world inside. In a greenhouse, you can generally grow a plant that requires more heat than is readily available, by placing it underneath panes of glass or plastic bags. Doing this creates moisture inside the greenhouse as well, which is also beneficial for the plants.

Container Gardening

Container gardening is perfect for people with small gardens or those who have stone or paved yards. One of the benefits of container gardening is that you can bring your containers in during the winter. Another great benefit is that container gardens are great for certain herbs that are actually classed as weeds. For instance, mint, if left unchecked, will quickly take over an entire garden. Keep it inside a container, however, and it should be fine.

Raised Beds

Raised beds are almost like containers, with the difference that you cannot simply lift a raised bed and bring it inside during the winter. They do look really nice though and they allow you to keep certain plants separate from each other. Also, using raised beds is often better for plants, because the soil used within them is generally of better quality.

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