Sizing Price
Set A&B 1ltr £15.40
Set A&B 5ltr £36.50
Set A&B 10ltr £63.50

Sets Available

Our standard feeds are complete fertiliser solutions for your plants. They can be used throughout the country and are supplied with a unique feeding plan for your green foliage plants, based on the averages for mains water in your country.


START is a unique starter feed for your plants and can be used on soil and inert substrates, such as rock wool, mapito, clay pebbles and pumice.


GROWTH is used during the growth phase of plants and is also ideal for stock plants. Use growth feed for cultivation in soil and inert substrates, such as rock wool, mapito, clay pebbles and pumice.


BLOOM is a feed for use during the flowering phase and can be used on soil and inert substrates, such as rock wool, mapito, clay pebbles and pumice.

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