PK Natural


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PK Natural

PK Natural for healthy blooms! Contains phosphates and potassium.

PK Bloom Booster is used during the flowering phase of your plants. During this phase, green foliage plants need plenty of phosphates and potassium. Plants ‘feel’ the presence of phosphates in the substrate and produce flowering hormones in the right quantities accordingly.

The time to start adding PK Bloom Booster is halfway through the cultivation process, following production of the blooms and fruits. Adding PK Bloom Booster ensures that plants will bloom more profusely and that the flowers and fruits will be firmer. If flowers and fruits are firmer, this means that they are automatically more resistant to the penetration of moulds and other unwelcome intruders, such as insects. There is also a tremendous increase in the weight of flowers and fruit during this phase.

Use PK Bloom Booster up until one week before harvesting. PK Bloom Booster is indispensable for plants and should be provided to them every day during the flowering phase. PK Bloom Booster is available in two varieties: Natural and Enriched. The Natural version consists entirely of phosphates and potassium, while PK Enriched also contains additional trace elements and plant hormones for profuse blooms.

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