PH UP Growth & Bloom


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PH Plus Growth & Bloom is used for increasing the pH level of feed solutions.

PH Regulators are used for reducing or increasing the pH levels in feed solutions. The pH range of a solution affects the absorption of nutrients. It is therefore recommended that nutrient solutions have a pH of between 5.4 and 6.0, as this is the range within which nutrients are best absorbed.

PH PLUS GROWTH AND BLOOM can be used if the pH level in your feed tank is on the low side once the feed has been prepared. Use small amounts of pH Plus Growth and Bloom, mix well and measure the pH.

PH MIN GROWTH can be used for reducing the pH level in feed tanks during the growth phase. During this phase, plants require plenty of nitrates if growth is to be healthy. This is why Ferro pH Min Growth is made up of nitrates.

PH MIN BLOOM is used, as the name suggests, during the flowering phase. If pH levels are too high during the flowering phase, you can add small quantities of Ferro PH Min Bloom to your feed in order to correct the pH and bring it to the ideal level of between 5.4 and 6.0.

CITRIC ACID is a weak organic acid that is primarily used during the first phase of growth in green foliage plants. During this phase, ATP and ADP carriers are produced. Citric acid supports this synthesis. Citric acid can, of course, be used for correcting the pH of feed solutions during any phase of plant growth. Citric acid is also a common preservative and can be found in almost all food products.

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