Water Analysis




WATER ANALYSIS (tap water & feed water)

If you are interested in knowing exactly what your water contains, we can analyze it for you. Bottles with a volume of 250 ml are available for this purpose from your dealer, free of charge.

Along with the results of the analysis, we provide recommendations regarding the quality of the water. If it is not suitable for cultivation purposes, we will recommend the use of a reverse osmosis filter, in combination with osmosis feed. Reverse osmosis filters remove all elements from the water.

Our laboratory analyses include analysis of the following elements as standard:

  • Ammonium – NH4
  • Nitrate – NO3
  • Magnesium – Mg
  • Sodium – Na
  • Calcium – Ca
  • Potassium oxide – K2O
  • Chlorine – Cl
  • Sulphite – SO3
  • Phosphate – P2O5
  • Bicarbonate – HCO3
  • And the following trace elements
  • Iron – Fe
  • Manganese – Mn
  • Zinc – Zn
  • Boron – B
  • Copper – Cu
  • Molybdenum – Mo

The analysis results also state the pH and EC values of the water. This type of analysis can be carried out on groundwater, mains water, osmosis water and all other types of water.

Required amount: 250 ml

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