Trace Elements Mix


Sizing Price
Set 1ltr £12.00
Set 5ltr £25.90
Set 10ltr £34.65


This trace elements mix has been specially developed for growers working with low EC values. The metalloids (metals) contained in the Trace Elements Mix are extremely important for the health of plants and people. A deficiency can lead to plants wilting and looking lifeless, with low evaporation levels and poor plant metabolism. Excessive quantities of trace elements will result in the metals quickly poisoning the plants.

Ferro’s AB feed is formulated on the basis of an EC of 2.0. At this level, the quantity of trace elements is just right for plants. If you use a lower EC (1.0-1.5, for example), then you will not be providing sufficient quantities of trace elements. In such cases, we advise adding trace elements using the Trace Elements Mix.

Ferro’s Trace Elements Mix contains elements including manganese, boron, copper, molybdenum and iron. The Trace Elements Mix is available in 1, 5 and 10 litres.

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