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This Humic & Fulvic Extract is a unique, very highly concentrated and environmentally friendly product based on natural humates. A patented production process guarantees the unique composition and quality of the product. During the production process, the Humic & Fulvic Extract is enriched with microelements.

This product is important for the successful development and growth of plants as it:

  • ensures that the right quantities of essential nutrients are transported to the cells;
  • ensures that nutrients are stockpiled so that they are available in times of deficiency;
  • bonds itself to toxic and radical elements that can threaten plant health.

The result is:

  • improved development of the root system and therefore improved growth;
  • improved photosynthesis, leading to improved growth and flowering in plants;
  • improved resistance to disease and stress situations due to heat, drought, cold, chemicals and salinization;
  • more, larger and fuller racemes.

This ultimately results in bigger yields of better quality, with more flavour and aroma.

As Humic & Fulvic Extract has such a positive effect, we recommend adding it to feed water over the course of the whole cycle in order to improve the growth and flowering of plants.

Available in 1, 5 and 10 litres.

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